Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency

IDA and CRC Governance & Reporting

IDA Boards & Committees

Audit Committee, Established May 15, 2008

Jack Romagnoli
John Salka
Steven Potter

Governance Committee, Established May 15, 2008

Russ Lura
Dave Rogers
Elizabeth Moran

Finance Committee, Established March 17, 2011

Rick Bargabos
John Salka
Steven Potter
J. Romagnoli (added 7/16/15)
D. Rogers (added 7/16/15)

Madison County Industrial Development Agency Board of Directors

Richard Bargabos

Dave Rogers
Vice Chairman
Elizabeth Moran

Steven Potter
Vice Secretary
John Salka
Russ Lura

IDA Documents & Policies

Legal Authorization and Powers of the Agency

Madison County IDA Audits/ Annual Reports

2016 Independant Auditors Report

2016 MD&A  Letter

2016 Audited Financial Statements

2014 Financial Statements

2013 Financial Statements


Madison County IDA Budgets

IDA 2017 budget

draft IDA BUDGET 2016

IDA Budget 2015

2014 IDA Budget

2013 IDA Budget

2017 IDA Annual Listing of Real Property

IDA Investment Report 2017

IDA Fee Schedule

Applications for Financing Options

Bond Application

IDA sale/leaseback application updated 6.2016

PROPOSED FORM Uniform Project Benefits Agreement  2016

Cost-Benefit Questionnaire

IDA Documents and Policies

Uniform Criteria for the Evaluation of Projects Policy 6.16.16

6.16.16 Enforcement-Recapture Policy

IDA Code of Ethics Revised 11.2015

IDA Organizational Chart

Investment Policy

Madison County IDA By-Laws


Property Disposition Policy

Real Property Acquisition Policy

Recapture Policy

Retaliatory Action Policy

Travel Policy

UTEP –Uniform Tax Exemption Policy

IDA Gift and Entertainment Policy

IDA Meeting Minutes

2011 Minutes Entries

October 27, 2011 IDA Meeting minutes

2012 IDA Minutes

2012 IDA Meeting Minutes

2012 IDA Audit Committee Minutes

2012 IDA Finance Committee Minutes

2012 IDA Governance Committee Minutes

2013 IDA Minutes

2013 IDA minutes January-June

2013 IDA minutes July-September

IDA Board Meeting Minutes 11.21.13

IDA Committee Minutes 2013

2014 IDA Minutes

IDA meeting minutes 1.16.14

IDA meeting minutes 3.20.14

IDA meeting minutes 5.15.14

IDA meeting minutes 7.24.14

IDA Meeting Minutes 9.25.14

IDA Meeting Minutes 11.20.14

2015 IDA Minutes

IDA minutes 1.15.15 with subcommittees

IDA Minutes March-September 2015 with subcommittees

IDA minutes 11.19.2015 with governance committee

2016 IDA Minutes

IDA Committees 2016

IDA Board Meeting Minutes 2016

IDA Minutes Sept-Nov 2016 (2) (with committees)

IDA Mission Statement

2016 IDA Operations and Accomplishments

2017 IDA Performance Measurements

2017 IDA Minutes

IDA Minutes Jan-April 2017

IDA Minutes April-June 2017 with Governance Committee

CRC Boards & Committees

Audit Committee: Established November 19, 2009


J. Romagnoli, Chair

J. Salka

S. Potter

Governance Committee: Established November 19, 2009


D. Rogers, Chair

R. Lura, Vice Chair

E. Moran

Finance Committee: Established May 19, 2011


J. Salka- Chair

R. Bargabos

S. Potter

J. Romagnoli (added 7/16/15)

D. Rogers (added 7/16/15)

Madison County Capital Resource Corporation Board of Directors

Richard Bargabos, Chairman

David Rogers, Vice Chair

Elizabeth Moran, Secretary

Jack Romagnoli, Treasurer

John Salka

Russ Lura

Steven Potter

CRC Documents and Policies

Madison County CRC Budgets

2017 CRC Budget

draft CRC BUDGET 2016

CRC Budget 2015

Draft 2014 CRC Budget

2013 CRC Budget

2012 CRC Budget

CRC Policies

CRC Code of Ethics Revised 11.2015

CRC Recapture Policy

CRC Property Disposition Policy

CRC Real Property Acquisition Policy

CRC Travel Policy

CRC Whistleblower Policy

CRC Investment Policy


CRC Gift and Entertainment Policy

By-Laws CRC

CRC Organizational Chart

CRC 2017 real property listing

CRC Investment Report 2017

Procurement report 2014

Mission Statement

2016 CRC Operations and Accomplishments

2017 CRC Performance Measurements

CRC Meeting Minutes

2012 CRC Meeting Minutes

2012 CRC Audit Committee minutes

2012 CRC Finance Committee Minutes

2012 CRC Governance Committee Minutes

2013 CRC minutes January-June

2013 CRC minutes July-September

11.21.13 CRC minutes

CRC Committee Minutes 2013

2014 CRC Minutes

CRC Meeting minutes 1.16.14

CRC meeting minutes 3.20.14

CRC minutes 5.15.14

CRC meeting minutes 7.24.14

CRC Meeting Minutes 9.25.14

CRC Meeting Minutes 11.20.14

2015 CRC Minutes

CRC minutes 1.15.15 with subcommittees 

CRC Minutes February-September 2015 with subcommittees

CRC minutes 11.19.2015 with governance committee

2016 CRC Minutes

CRC Committees 2016 Minutes, January-August 2016
CRC Board Meeting Minutes 2016

CRC Minutes 9.2016 (with committees)

CRC Minutes 2017

CRC Minutes Jan-March 2017

CRC Governance Committee June 2017

Madison County Grant Facilitation Corporation (GFC)



GFC Minutes
GFC Minutes March-September 2015
GFC Minutes 2016

GFC Minutes 2017
GFC Minutes Jan-March 2017