Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency

Labor Relations

Madison County defies the “common wisdom” that New York State has poor labor-management relations. The numbers show that private companies in Madison County have very low unionization rates, especially relative to the rest of the state.

Madison County’s rate of union membership in private companies is 9.2% (part of the Syracuse MSA); in the contingent Utica-Rome MSA, the rate of union membership private companies is even lower at 6.9%.

Private Company Labor Relations
Codes Metropolitan Area Sector Observations Employment Members Covered  %Mem %Cov
45060 Syracuse Private 189 200,520  18,353  21,288 9.2% 10.6%
46540 Utica-Rome, NY Private 111  121,463 8,365 9,192  6.9%  7.6%

Source: Union Membership and Coverage Database.

Both statistics are well below New York State’s total union membership which is at 26.4%, or other large industrial states such as Ohio (16.1%) and Michigan (21.3%).

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