Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency


New York freight rail service has an astounding length and breadth, which includes a vast majority of the state’s 62 counties and 62 cities. Four Class I railroads operate within the state which include CSX, CN, CP, and NS. Of the 4,700 miles of railroad in New York, 65% of that is Class I.

Madison County, New York sits directly between two of the biggest connection points in New York. Just 23 miles to the west, Syracuse is your gateway to connections in west New York State such as Rochester and Buffalo. Go a mere 40 miles east, and Utica presents you with connections to Troy and New York City. Many of the local industrial parks are located near rails or offer rail service, so you will never have to go too far to get your product into distribution.

Madison County is one of the only regions in New York to have direct access to the Intercity Railroad Passenger Service. Passing straight through Madison County, it provides commuter rail access to Pennsylvania and Canada.

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