Madison County, New York

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Living Here

Madison County offers you all the benefits of a rural lifestyle with close proximity to metropolitan areas and culture.

Madison County offers:

In addition to these benefits, Madison County has a robust network of Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) so that you can get fresh, locally grown foods nearly year-round. Local producers are reestablishing historic crops from generations ago, such as heirloom hops that are being used by local breweries to create artisan beers. In fact, the state legislature issued an official Proclamation to support the Wine & Beer Corridor that includes the Madison County region.

Madison County offers many cultural amenities and activities year round so there’s always something going on that your entire family will enjoy. From natural and historic trails, farmers markets, numerous festivals and main streets full of shopping, there is always something to do in Madison County.

It’s no surprise that Madison County, New York ranked #3 in the 2008 Progressive Farmer magazine survey for the Best Place to Live.

If you enjoy big-city amenities, Syracuse, Utica, and Rome, New York are within an hour’s drive. And destinations like New York City are within a half-day’s drive.

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