Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency

Target Industries

Diverse industry leads to economic development.

Madison County focuses its economic development efforts among several carefully selected target industries:

  • Madison County’s manufacturing industry benefits from the region’s strong work ethic, the availability of manufacturing workers, and competitive wages relative to other areas of the state. Our communities have a history in, and a knowledgeable workforce that is already trained in advanced manufacturing.
  • Its central location and access to interstates, rail, air transport and barge are the driving factors behind Madison County’s attractive logistics, warehousing and distribution industry.
  • Agriculture has deep roots in Madison County, and it has achieved a diversification in dairy processing, meat processing, renewable energy (biomass) and many other agricultural industries.
  • Low cost rents and a strong pool of available labor make call centers and back office operations a natural fit.
  • More than any other county in New York, Madison County is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, including wind power generation, methane (landfill gas utilization) and feedstock production.
  • Many people first visit Madison County as a tourist, and tourism has become a major regional driver, demonstrated by per-capita tourism revenues that are second highest of seven contingent counties.

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