Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency

Alternative Energy

New York State’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is one factor driving investment in the state’s renewable energy industry. The RPS goal was recently expanded from 25% by 2013 to 30% by 2015. In order to achieve the RPS, NYSERDA offers grants and incentives to help bring down the costs of these clean resources.

More than any other county in New York, Madison County is at the forefront of the renewable energy industry. Madison County has developing industries in renewable energy solutions such as wind power generation, methane digestion, landfill gas utilization, feedstock production for ethanol and power generation, and more.

  • Wind: Madison County is home to the first commercial scale wind farm in New York State and now has three wind farms with a fourth under development: Madison, Munnsville and Fenner are operating, and a new wind farm will soon be online in the three-township area of Eaton, Stockbridge and Madison.
  • Methane: Madison County in conjunction with Waste Management – RE, currently captures and utilizes methane from the County’s landfill to produce electricity.  Capturing the excess heat from this facility allows for the sustainable use of the combined heat / power (CHP) facility.
  • Biomass/Feedstocks: Madison County is also researching the cultivation of feedstocks used in the production of ethanol or electricity. Madison County is abundant with agricultural crops, energy crops, and forests that are expected to supplement the traditional corn feedstock.
  • Energy Masters, LLC, based in Canastota, produces photovoltaic arrays for commercial, military, and consumer markets.

The region also supports the renewable energy industry with competitive wages in representative positions. Being located between the Syracuse and Utica-Rome, Madison County draws labor from both markets, which is a key advantage. Wage rates in the region are significantly lower than in New York State as a whole.

Median Hourly Wage of Renewable Energy Workers
Standard Occupational Classification Occupation Syracuse MSA (includes Madison County) Utica – Rome MSA New York State
17-2081 Environmental Engineers $32.11 $40.58
17-3022 Civil Engineering Technicians $30.78 $27.32
17-3023 Electrical and Electronic Engineers $24.46 $16.32 $29.01
19-2041 Environmental Scientists and Specialists, Including Health $30.70 $32.33

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics May 2013 Metropolitan Area Occupational Employment and Wage estimates.

The Fenner Renewable Energy Center, Inc., or “FREE Center”, is a grass-roots organization formed to educate the public on the benefits of renewable energy and other sustainable practices. The FREE Center is located on-site at the Fenner Wind Farm in Madison. It is organized to show the importance of green energy, and encourage others to embrace the clean energy lifestyle to ensure a better future.

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