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Recreational & Cultural Amenities

Madison County offers many parks, trails, and museums available to residents and visitors. Enjoy the outdoors with family or learn more about the rich heritage of the region.

As an example, the Madison County Planning Department actively supports outdoor recreation for the whole community. They recently established four trails as part of the Heritage Trails project that not only provide fun and promote fitness for the whole family, but also give people a chance to gain a deeper understanding of their community.

  • The Madison County Architecture and Preservation Trail identifies buildings that best showcase the social, economic and cultural history of Madison County. The Trail features buildings associated with individuals who participated in the abolitionist movement and even the building of the Erie Canal.
  • The Madison County Freedom Trail marks countywide sites of the Underground Railroad that have been identified and researched by the Madison County Freedom Trail Commission. The Madison County Freedom Trail recognizes former Madison County residents who provided significant local community leadership in the struggle to end slavery in the United States.
  • The Madison County History Trail marks the locations of twenty historical organizations in the County that highlight the history of each Township featuring special exhibits that display photographs, artifacts, clothing, furniture, and other memorabilia from earlier generations.
  • The Madison County Hop Heritage Trail marks hop kilns and other related hop sites still in existence that document the agricultural impact of commercial hop production in the agricultural history of Madison County and New York State.

Keeping the community’s history alive is very important to Madison County, as shown by the Cottage Lawn Museum. Featuring both original furnishings and Madison County artifacts, the house retains its Victorian Era styling while showing changing exhibits to the public.

  • Oneida’s Turning Stone Resort Casino offers world-class golf, gaming, entertainment, and accommodations.  Turning Stone has become one of the top five tourist destinations in New York State, hosting more than 4 million visitors a year.

These are just a few of the highlights of Madison County; visit Madison County’s tourism organization for events, festivals, and other featured activities, or contact:

Jim Walter

Executive Director of Madison County Tourism Inc.
800-684-7320 x11

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