Madison County, New York

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Madison County has 45% more people of college age than the U.S. as a whole, which brings a vibrancy and energy to the region. Many come to enroll in one of the 17 area colleges and universities that are located nearby, and to partake in the unsurpassed quality of life that the region offers.

 Madison County Population Estimates by Age in 2009
 Age  Number in Madison County  Percent Distribution
In Madison County In Syracuse MSA In Utica-Rome MSA In U.S.
Preschool (0-4) 3,769 5.4% 5.8% 1.6% 6.9%
School Age (5-17) 11,246 16.1% 16.8% 16.7% 17.3%
College Age (18-24) 10,039 14.4% 11.0% 10.2% 9.9%
Young Adult (25-44) 15,232 21.8% 24.8% 25.2% 27.1%
Older Adult (45-64) 20,083 28.7% 27.7% 29.1% 25.9%
Older (65 plus) 9,585 13.7% 13.7% 16.9% 12.9%

Source: US Census Bureau. Note that Madison County is also part of Syracuse MSA. It is broken out for emphasis.

With a labor force of over 433,000, Madison County has the skilled workforce that your business needs when relocating. The high population of college age citizens brings a vitality to the county that sets us apart and will do the same for your business.

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