Madison County, New York

Industrial Development Agency


From reliable electricity, the abundance of water, and some of the most advanced and diverse renewable energy resources in the nation, Madison County offers employers ready access to electricity, gas, water/sewer and telecommunications.

  • Current renewable energy solutions include wind power generation, methane digestion, landfill gas utilization, feedstock production for ethanol and power generation, and many more.
  • Commercial and industrial natural gas customers have access to natural gas at competitive rates.
  • New York State’s system for procuring electrical power ensures a high level of reserves, giving New York State and Madison County some of the most reliable electricity in the country, at competitive rates.
  • Thanks to the natural resources within the county, Madison County businesses have access to an abundant water supply and a combination of municipal and privately-owned sewers to support both industrial and commercial business development.
  • Madison County has an impressive telecommunications infrastructure providing reliable high-speed internet and wireless coverage.

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